FDC (Holdings) Ltd not only can deliver next day to anywhere in the UK, including the Scottish Highlands, but excluding Southern Ireland; but also provide an express European Pallet Distribution service to anywhere in Europe.

FDC and our partners in Europe offer a daily pick-up service Monday to Friday giving you the freedom to plan according to your own operation. We collect next day and the daily departure means that shipments will be on the way shortly after pick-up, resulting in short transportation time. Flexible planning and short transportation time are essential to cost savings for our customers.

On-time delivery

Daily pick-up and departure combined with the Daily Pallet Timetable and European Road Network means we can promise on-time delivery.

The international E-road network is a numbering system for roads in Europe developed by the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). The network is numbered from E 1 up and its roads cross national borders. It also reaches Central Asian countries like Kyrgyzstan, since they are members of the UNECE.

In most countries, roads carry the European route designation beside national road numbers. Other countries like Belgium, Denmark, Norway and Sweden have roads with exclusive European route signage (Examples: E 18 and E 6) while at the other end of the scale, British road signage legislation does not make provision to signpost E-route numbers.

The route numbering system is as follows:

Reference roads and intermediate roads, called Class-A roads, have numbers 1-129.

  • They are either odd-numbered, going north-south, ordered with E1 in the west.
  • Or they are even-numbered, going west-east, ordered with the lowest in the north.

Coverage all over Europe

Our European Road Network, with more than 200 European offices and locations, together with the hub in Germany means that our European pallet distribution network is second to none.