Important documents are now readily available to download if you have lost your original copies and can be found at the bottom of our website under Quick Links.

These documents include:

Conditions of Carriage Documents

The conditions of carriage are the conditions set out by the Road Haulage Association (RHA).

The  RHA Conditions of Carriage are available for exclusive use by members.  In addition there are a number of sector   Conditions available such as  Livestock, Storage, Caravan Hauliers, and Abnormal Indivisible Loads.

They  are recognised as the industry standard when it comes to conditions of  carriage and are only legally allowed to be used by fully paid up  members of the Road Haulage Association.

Conditions of Storage Documents

There is nothing unusual or glossy about this, they are exactly the same as the conditions as carriage, but in regards to storage.

Premium Liability Cover

Our exclusive premium liability cover, allows you to fully insure your goods in transit for the sales invoice price with a minor surcharge. The surcharges range from 0.175% to 0.3% of the sum you want to insure.

Don’t forget that as standard your goods in transit are covered for £1,300.00 per tonne on most pallet networks. And if you sign up to our uplifted liability scheme, free of charge plus no surcharges, you will be insured for £5,000 per tonne of the cost invoice price or manufacture price, just for being our customer.

For example if you had some goods you wanted to insure for £1,000.00 and they weighed 200kg then you would be covered for no extra charge.

If you wanted to insure your goods for £1,000.00 and they weighed as little as 5kg then it would only cost £3.00 to fully insure.

Standard Liability Cover

FDC Holdings Ltd  currently  operates  solely  under  RHA 1998 Conditions of Carriage, at a maximum liability of £1,300.00 per tonne. Copies of same have been supplied  previously. In an attempt to remain pro-active and retain value added  services,  we would like to take this opportunity to advise our clients for whom we transport palletised  freight,  that although we will still operate under RHA 1998 Conditions of  Carriage,  we are increasing  our level of cover to £5,000.00 per tonne at no extra charge, to our customers.

New Customer Form

FDC (Holdings) Ltd is primarily a customer contract based company, who offer credit on all of their operations. In order to use our services to their full potential for both you the customer and us the supplier, we would recommend that you fill out the new customer application form, so that we are able to tailor to your needs.