Haulage Company Lancashire ‘s New Double Deck Trailer

FDC are proud to announce yet another new addition to its rapidly expanding fleet of vehicles and trailers.

By combining research and development programmes with the experience of highly talented field engineers, the team that built the trailer for us worked closely with us, to build a trailer exactly the way we wanted it.

For maximum cubic capacity, FDC were offered the double-decker available either as a straight frame or the more popular step-frame design.

Numerous deck options can be specified from the ratchet deck version to fixed, swivel and butterfly options.

The sloping front design equipped as standard offers a reported fuel consumption saving of up to 10% against a normal curtainsider of the same overall height.

Expanding Rapidly

You may remember some news from not so long ago, only November 2013 and January 2014 that FDC were purchasing new vehicles and new trailers.

We have now just purchased a brand new double deck trailer to be used day and night, for all your increasingly growing collection demands and some night trunking, in order to keep up with the growth spurt we are experiencing within our industry.

Certainly a sign of good things to come!

We are part of the TPN (The Pallet Network) who boasts a Membership comprising almost 100 of the best independent hauliers in the UK together with 23 companies who are part of TPN Ireland, with an Irish Hub based in Dublin. TPN and its Members prize quality, not quantity and we have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to loss or damaged freight.

TPN Plus For Haulage Company Lancashire

TPN plus is a group of ‘Value Added Services’ available to FDC which will provide us with cost-saving opportunities to source goods and services on a centrally controlled basis.  This will make bulk-buying a reality for many who would not otherwise have access to this kind of discount, especially for one-off or low volume products.

The first of these to go ‘Live’ will be TPN plus Exchange.

What is TPN plus Exchange?

TPN plus Exchange is a members-only website, which FDC is a part of, where you can post both loads you need to move and empty journeys you anticipate; giving your business a head-start with both back loading your own vehicles or finding members to move your loads if you can’t.

How does it work?

Whenever you have ‘Goods to Move’ that you choose not to move yourself, we can post them on TPN plus Exchange, where they will remain for a pre-set time period for other TPN plus members to pick up. After this period, if they are not picked up by TPN plus members, the load will move onto Haulage Exchange main website, where it can be picked up by Haulage Exchange members as well as TPN plus members, giving us the greatest opportunity of moving your goods at the right price.

What can I use it for?

You can post any goods you need to move, from an envelope requiring a motorcycle courier to full loads on 44T vehicles anywhere in the UK. Simply post the goods on the web and wait for the offers to come in – you decide whether an offer is acceptable, and you set the timescales for collection, delivery etc.