As part of our new website, we have introduced our new online booking system. This will allow all new customers, as well as existing customers, to completely take control of their own deliveries. Some of the key benefits of the website are, to name a few:

Enter your own information

Instead of sending all the information to our office, to then put on our system for you, you will now be directly inputting into our system. The benefits of this are pretty self-explanatory, however another useful tool this system has, is that it stores all of your customers in an address book. For all of our existing customers the majority of your existing customer base will already be in your address book, for new customers, you will only have to enter the address once; including contact information, delivery details and phone numbers and this will be stored for the next time you have something to send there. This, in the long run, will save you a lot of time when booking your collections online.

Track the delivery of your pallet/s

Our new online booking system will allow you to check the tracking of your pallet/s all the way from entry to delivery. This includes, when you enter it onto the system, with a time and date stamp; when we pick up the pallet/s and have them back in our warehouse; when they are then sent to our central hub/warehouse in Birmingham, then when our delivery depot receives the pallet/s and finally when they have been loaded onto a delivery vehicle. Once the pallet/s have been delivered, you will then be able to see a track called, “POD uploaded”, which then takes you to our next benefit.

View PODs Online

You will now be able to see all of your PODs online. By simply typing in your reference number (that you entered when you booked the job for collection) you will be able to see the proof of delivery (POD). From here you have the option to save it on your computer, email it or print it for your records on your computer then of course you will be able to save these reports with ease. If you wish to go one step further then the simple nature of the website is actually a good online filing system for you, readymade. Simply select the date range and hit search.

No need to call, email or fax with out new online booking system

As our new online booking system is on the internet and therefore is able to be a live source, there will be no need to confirm your collections, or send any information via email, fax or phone. As soon as you can see the job you have just created on your screen, we will know about it, as it will send us a little message to alert us to your collection.

Create your own Reports

With our new online booking system you are able to create your own reports based on the information that you have entered. If you wanted to create a PDF document of one weeks’ worth of deliveries, then this is now possible. Whatever you require for your records it will be possible to create a report for. A years’ worth, a months’ worth or even just what you have despatched in one day. If you prefer to keep all your records

Print your own labels

Some customers, but not all, prefer to print their own labels and put them on their pallets before we even pick them up. This option is available to everyone that wishes to have it, no matter how big or small the despatches are. If this is something that you do not wish to do, however, then don’t worry, as part of our procedures here, all labels are printed off as you put the job onto our system, ready for the driver when he returns.

If you already have your login details, then click on the “customer login” tab at the top of the page or visit

If you are a new customer or an existing customer who wishes to use the new online booking system, then please get in touch with Jack and he will set you up an account.

T 01257 22 66 33