All ferries crossing to Northern Ireland have been cancelled today and possibly tomorrow due to weather.

Some deliveries are likely to be affected, however the we will contact customers directly to advise of any issues to your Irish Distribution.

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Weather warnings of tidal surges and floods have been issued for the cities of Dublin, Cork and Galway as the stormy conditions of the past week show no sign of abating.

Motorists are being advised to drive with extreme care as driving conditions on many roads are described as treacherous with widespread flooding reported in the west of the country.

ESB Networks also said approximately 6,000 customers in counties Donegal, Mayo and Clare are without power this morning after strong winds and heavy rain overnight.

The Rest of Ireland – Irish Distribution

A comination of high tides and strong winds caused flooding in parts of Salthill and Galway city overnight.

Parts of the promenade in Salthill are flooded and the road is closed. Many approach roads to Salthill are also flooded, as are the docks and the area around the Spanish Arch.

Galway City Council has issued a warning regarding potential flooding during high tides between now and the end of the week. These will occur today at 6am and 6.30pm, tomorrow at 6.48am and 7.18pm, and Sunday at 7.36am.

The areas most likely to be affected are along the promenade, Grattan Road and at Fishmarket, Spanish Arch.

The council said: “The area around Spanish Arch, Flood Street and Spanish Parade are at risk of flooding around high tide, and businesses and residents in the area are advised to put floodgates and sand bags in place in advance of high tide.”

There was widespread flooding in parts of Cork yesterday although the city appears to have escaped further flooding this morning after high tide at 6.40am.

A combination of high tides and heavy rains across Cork yesterday led to the river Lee bursting its banks over quay walls in several areas. A number of low-lying streets and quays were flooded.

Cork City Council has appealed to the public to be vigilant during high tides which occur at 6.40am and 6.59pm.

In Limerick city the River Shannon has burst its banks at Condell Rd and this road is closed.

High tide in Dublin this afternoon will be at 12.33pm, and Dublin City Council has closed the flood gates on the Dodder and Tolka rivers.

A combination of high winds and high seas threatens low-lying parts of Dublin, Cork and Galway city with flooding, making Irish Distribution, near impossible.

In Dublin the Liffey Boardwalk is also closed to the public.

Sandbags are to be installed at strategic locations in Clontarf near Alfie Bryne Road and Sandymount for the same duration.

Some ferries, including the Irish Ferries Swift sailings between Dublin and Holyhead, have been cancelled this morning due to poor conditions, directly affecting Irish Distribution.

The HSS Stena Explorer sailing at 1.30pm from Dún Laoghaire has also been cancelled due to adverse conditions on the Irish Sea, the company said.

AA Roadwatch advised motorists to avoid Bantry town centre until further notice due to flooding this morning.

The flooding was worst on Union Quay and George’s Quay on the southern side of the South Channel, as well as on Fr Matthew Quay and Morrison’s Island on the northern side of the South Channel.

South Terrace experienced flooding along with nearby Rutland Street, while the South Mall and several adjoining streets such as Pembroke Street were flooded.

Farther upstream low-lying Sharman Crawford Street and Lancaster Quay also experienced flooding.

There was also heavy flooding in parts of Youghal adjacent to the sea front. A young woman had to be rescued from her car in Midleton in east Cork after she drove into floods on the Bealick Road. She has said, “there is no end in sight to the wind and rain which has caused flooding across the country.”

It will be stormy this morning with wind gusts of 100km/h to over 130km/h, which means Irish Distribution could be affected over the course of the day tomorrow as well.

Heavy, prolonged showers are also forecast with embedded thunderstorm activity. Conditions will be potentially dangerous on some roads with some flooding, Met Éireann said.

The storm will abate slowly through the day and the showers will ease. Temperatures will be between 5 and 9 degrees.

Irish Distribution – for the week ahead.

More heavy rain and high winds are expected along the west coast last night, and an orange warning was issued for Donegal, Connacht and for western and southwestern parts of Munster.

Met Éireann’s Deirdre Lowe said “it looks very unsettled for the week ahead”.

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