As a rapidly growing logistics and haulage firm, we know only too well that road investment is a hugely important issue.

Now the new government has been formed it is imperative that the Secretary of State for Transport places the necessary focus on improving the highways infrastructure across the country.

Delays and congestion caused by poor infrastructure and a lack of investment can hinder the cost effectiveness of daily activities for all sorts of businesses, including ours.

But, if the government’s work on the network was stepped up a gear the benefits of time and cost saving in the long term would make a big difference.

The industry in which we operate provides a vital route from the factory floor to the shelves in stores and we are firm believers that a well functioned network can only be a positive thing when it comes to growth.

The road network is the backbone for many industries and when it lets them down it can result in customers being let down too.

Of course, it is also up to the haulage industry to be ahead of the game and to plan for every eventuality to avoid delays and disappointment, which is why we are continually investing in technology.

Meanwhile, fuel is a huge outgoing for the logistics industry and while we are working hard to be more fuel efficient, support from the government would certainly give us a boost.

Ultimately, we want the government to realise that investment in the network will be a lasting benefit to enhance growth at this crucial time as we climb out of recession.