Got a large consignment of goods that need to be sent to the other side of the country, or overseas?

For years, pallet delivery has been a crucial part of national and international delivery networks and has the potential to make shipping much easier for businesses – regardless of whether you’re an independent seller or part of a long-established chain corporation.

But how else can pallet delivery services benefit your business?

In this article, our logistics experts here at FDC Holdings list the top 5 ways your business can benefit from shipping pallets with a specialist courier.

1.    It makes your goods easier to move and handle

Moving individual boxes around your warehouse can be quite a tiresome  task and can increase the risk of damaged goods as well as staff injury.

Most pallets are designed specifically to make movement easier and to protect the items inside, and by choosing to ship consignments by pallets, you can be confident that everything will arrive at its destination in one piece.

All warehouses are equipped with forklifts to handle pallets, so you can also rest assured that, regardless of where your palletised goods are headed, they’ll be handled with care and moved with ease.

2.    It increases your storage space

Combining high shelves and the latest innovations in forklift technology, along with expert forklift operators, means that warehouses can store many different pallet shipments by slotting them onto the shelves one by one.

Without pallets, it’s easy for warehouse spaces to get cluttered with standalone boxes that can’t be stacked on top of one another, and with staff under increased pressure to move them all by hand, they’re more likely to fall victim to workplace injuries or hazards.

3.    It enhances inventory management

Regardless of how much stock you have, it’s vital you have an efficient inventory management system.

Using pallets to separate stock into units makes it much easier to stocktake and helps you to know exactly how much stock is going where, so there’s next to no chance of you miscounting or sending more than what’s needed.

4.    It ensures precise deliveries

Here at FDC Holdings, we’ve partnered with The Pallet Network, to allow us to offer a range of different pallet delivery services, including timed deliveries, next-day delivery, and dedicated day deliveries (among others).

When you work with us, you never have to worry about delayed or missed deliveries and can be sure that your pallets will reach their destination on time, every time.

5.    It can be better for the environment

Many businesses are turning their attention to ways they can make their business operations more environmentally friendly.

Using recyclable and reusable materials is one of them, and pallets are known for being highly reusable and millions get resold, reused, or repurposed every year.

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