Tailor made transport – pallet delivery service

Whether on land, air, ocean or rail, companies in the freight and logistics industry face the same challenges: the need to address capacity planning, automate sales and customer service, and improve operations. Here at FDC (Holdings) Ltd we address each challenge individually to help you, our customer, improve margins and stay flexible. The challenges we face on a day to day basis and what we do to address them also applies to you, our customer. To your customers you are the people that deliver the goods. We recognise this and make it our objective to see that your customers see us as merely an extension of your own company. It is through this approach that FDC are able to maintain such a good working relationship with our customers as you would keep one with your customers.

Fleet Operation Recognition Scheme (FORS)

FORS is a voluntary scheme for fleet operators such as ourselves. The Scheme’s purpose is to raise the level of quality within fleet operations, and to demonstrate which operators are achieving the standards. FORS encourages operators to take a closer look at themselves and identify areas of strength to be exploited and areas for improvement to be addressed. A successful bronze assessment provides an operator with reassurance that their operation is being run safely, efficiently and in an environmentally sound manner. The FORS logo allows potential customers to readily distinguish FORS operators from other operators. It is becoming increasingly common for business’ to only accept deliveries from a FORS accredited pallet delivery service provider. Therefore, it is an obvious step forward, to announce that FDC (Holdings) Ltd will be putting themselves forward to be audited by the scheme at the beginning of the new year. This may come as a surprise, as the scheme was originally developed and implemented for pallet delivery service providers in and around London. However, FDC believe, that as an continually expanding company, who deliver far and wide, that not only ourselves but our customers as well, would greatly benefit from being FORS accredited. Click here to see more.