FDC and Issa Group have teamed up to support the Mail Force chairty set up by the daily mail, Mail Force has been launched with one aim to help support NHS staff, volunteers and care workers fight back against Covid-19 in the UK. Mail Force is a separate charity established and supported by the Daily Mail and General Trust.

The money raised will fund essential equipment required by the NHS and Care workers. This equipment is vital in protecting the heroic staff whilst they perform their fantastic work in helping the UK overcome this pandemic. If we raise more money than is needed for vital COVID-19 equipment, we will apply all funds to support the work of the NHS in other ways.

In just six weeks, the charity has raised more than £9million, all of which is being spent on sourcing new, quality protective kit for healthcare workers all over Britain.

With FDC and ISSA group playing a major role in this, Issa Dasu Patel, new products manager at the Issa Group, said: ‘There were very few of these aprons made in the UK before the Covid crisis. Now we are producing millions, and getting them to the frontline very quickly.

‘We are selling them pretty much at cost price, which keeps the prices down and at the same time keeps all our staff in employment.

‘It is a 24/7 operation and everyone is putting in the hours to get the orders out.

‘It’s our business but it’s also serving the country. Mail Force, and the donations from Mail readers, combined with our ability to manufacture these aprons quickly, means we are getting PPE to where it is needed fast. All this has been achieved in less than a week.’