FDC have just completed the Christmas roll out for Asda (Wallmart), delivering to 266 stores nation wide.

ASDA Christmas shelving

This time around we were rolling out the display units for Sony PlayStation games and consoles as well as Microsoft Xbox games and consoles.

Our customer is the industry recognised in-store experts in providing Brand Presence Solutions maximising every opportunity to bring brands and consumers together. Their integrated solutions can offer installation and maintenance of in store displays and shelving; a extensive field marketing service supported, by distribution and logistics; innovative technology and  the environmental management of materials.

To name a few their customers consist of ASDA, L’Oreal, Samsung, Vauxhall, Tesco, The Health Lottery, Wickes, Sainsbury’s, PayPoint, Debenhams, Boots the Chemist and Waitrose.

Many retail stores utilize their window space to show off products. By creating that visual connection between consumer and merchandise, you’re making the sales process a little easier. In addition to window display, many retailers opt for interior showcases. This is commonly done because visual merchandising is essential in the retail sales process.

By using our creative store displays, you’re making a certain visual connection with potential buyers of your product, one that is long lasting. Visual merchandising helps showcase the product and educate your customers about its features in a memorable way. In turn, this makes them more apt to make a purchase.

Also, by using a retail display, you’re establishing a creative medium for the merchandise to be presented, making it more attractive to the customer. Glass showcases make the product look special and valuable—like something that will give them their money’s worth. For clothing retailers, they can also help with suggestive selling by creating a imaginative and eye-catching display with the items you’re looking to sell.